ARMANDO TAKEDA, an exquisite fashion brand established in Mexico,

will allure into the stunning world of artisans.
Beautiful artisans handcraft traditions and the highest quality materials brought from
​ all around the world come together in everyday wear.

Our aim is to bring the artisans’ soul into the modern world.

Our collaborators


waist-loom woven textile used for Purepecha

traditional​ attire.

see collections with purepecha work


huichol's colorful artesanal work and the use of beads represents the vision they see in their tradicional shamanic ceremonies.

see collections with huichol work

see collections with oaxaca work


oaxaca tehuantepec tambour "Tejido" embroidery.


the colorful braids made in Chiapas are all hand-made unique pieces.

see collections with chiapas work

We also contribute part of our sales as a support to improve the artisans’ living environment.

We proudly announce that ’Save The Children Mexico’ are working together with us.

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