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The way we work

We are committed to a sustainable way of working that is respectful of the environment and provides everyone in our value chain with the best possible benefits, from our suppliers and collaborators to our distributors and final users.


We provide our customers with unparalleled quality, our distributors obtain the highest margins from our line. We provide artisans with fair and regular pay for their craft, have a great relationship with all our suppliers, and our employees have the best working conditions within the industry.


The ARMANDO TAKEDA way of working is a COLLABORATION, the artisans teach us about their ancient technique, meanings, materials, usage of color, designs. And with their permission, we innovate their artifacts and merge them with the highest quality fabrics around the world in our atelier in Mexico City, to create desirable and sellable high fashion pieces combined with culture and innovation.

We first study about different cultures and their ancestral techniques, this is part of our inspiration, we look for communities in need that use techniques that we can work with, we choose one and spend time living in their village to share with them our philosophy and learn their culture.

meeting the experts


visiting the villages for the 

co-creation of the collection

it is essential for us to spend time with them so we 

can learn more about their ancestral messages


the hands of magic

Huichol artisan

Huichol's colorful artisanal work and the use of beads, as dots, represents the vision they see in their tradicional shamanic ceremonies.

Purepecha artisan 

The Purepecha people are experts in the use of an ancient way of weaving, waist-loom.
People still use textile and tapes woven in the traditional method to decor their 
traditional​ attire.

made in mexico

We innovate their artifacts and merge them with the highest quality fabrics around the world in our own atelier in Mexico City.


collaboration product

The artisanal works have

to be innovated, as is the nature of the artisanal pieces.


We believe that working and innovating the culture together with the artisans will provide them continuous job leading to economical growth in their marginal areas and the conservation of multiple cultures.

the right exposure to the right people

armando takeda hang tag.jpg

our contribution to the communities

Part of our purpose is to teach the artisans things that we know are valuable for their work, such as:

-New techniques.

-How to take care of garments and fabrics to make their work more profitable.

-How to work on their pieces so they could be sold and used daily.

 (for eg, how to mark the rough designs, what materials and finishes have to be done, etc ).

-Fair trade. We teach them about the right price that they should charge when they sell their work, starting with the amount they should charge us, which is based on how much final customers pay.

19aw artesanal etiqueta .jpg
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